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    Are you Ready to share your sexual records?

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    Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions

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    Well done is better than well said

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    Sensorial Condoms will change your habits

Are you ready to share your sexual records?
Nowadays you can track everything: runner’steps, time, distance, calories burned, your weigh trend, your movie collection but…hey, don’t be shy… what about SEX?


Sensorial Condoms are able to measure your performances.
You can track your sexual activity and you can even share it with your friends. As these are very private and “sensible” data you can decide to open it to your male audience, or, hey, also to the female audience! :-)

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How it works

Sensorial Condoms have a passive talking RFID tag technology able to communicate with your Apple or Android


The Sensorial Condoms are thin and flexible, they feel like a second skin and they have deeper ribs along the whole condom body to increase stimulation for both partners. Inside these ribs, and at the base, there is our own RFID technology able to track your activities.
Of course they are lubricated outside for more comfort and sensitivity.
Sensorial condoms are not reusable. Use a new condom every time. Pre Order Now
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Sensorial Condoms App
Thanks to the Sensorial Condoms Smarthphone App you can check&track:


  • Endurance

    You can track the duration of your performance, the pushings, the speed and calories burned

  • Locations

    You can track Where and When you had sex

  • Add places

    You can enter a session manually, e.g., you had done sex on the couch or on the washingmachine

  • Sexual comparison

    You can Compare your performance with your friends’ average

  • Records

    You can record your personal achievements

  • Challenges

    You can join monthly Challenges designed to push you further

  • Engage

    You can Motivate your friends with comments

  • Duration

    You can Set a duration goal. If reached, a soft alarm will sound

Please note:
Sensorial Condoms are able to understand if you are really doing sex or just playing with yourself. Don’t cheat the Sensorial Condoms Community ;-)


Just upgrade you Smartphone App!


See a list of your friends currently havings Sex! (Wow!)
Find the best MALE performer around you!(what! This feature has been asked from a lot of women!)
Delete your worst performance (the most requested)
Play an ambient sound
Set a fake call that you’ll receive after a certain time of period (to escape from that weird situations…)
Full statistics about your or different countries (Yes! You can check now if it’s true that the italians do it better!)

Pre Order Now

  • Basic

    Single Box
    • 5 condoms
    • free App access
  • Ultimate

    $ 30
    Single Box
    • 15 condoms
    • Free App
    • Free upgrade to the PREMIUM version of the APP
    • free stickers
  • Standard

    $ 20
    Single Box
    • 10 condoms
    • App free
    • free stickers


Contact Us

About US

Sensorial Condoms has been thought and designed during one of those nights when… well, you know, those nights ;-)

There is not a real business behind Sensorial Condoms. It’s a funny game but, who knows, in the next future what you see in this page could be a reality. I’d be not surprised, we are tracking and sharing everything and it’s strange that the adult industry is not here…

The RFID (Radio frequency identification) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. Be sure that, someone, will apply this technology also to the condoms. So, if out there Durex, Control, Trustex, Akuel, Lifestyles, Crown, Kimono or Trojan Condoms are reading these lines… hey, remember to give me a % of your future profits when you’ll apply this not patented idea ;-)

That’s all Folks. I hope you had a laugh looking at the site as the most of my friends did. That’s me, an italian digital expert that sometimes needs to do some online bullshits trying to enjoy the life at its 100%.


Sensorial Condoms